WND&WVS and HULA welcome you to the 1st annual
Wind & Waves & Westies at the BURLINGTON SURF CLUB. on the shores of the stunning Lake Champlain.

Schedule Of Events

Friday, Oct 15th

Arrive and Setup

The Surf Club parking lot will be open all day for arrivals giving everyone plenty of time to scope out their spot and get settled for the weekend.

Saturday, Oct 16th

Beach Day and Movie Night

Spend the day perusing through the parking lot and beach area visiting friends and making new ones. Get your questions primed for Noah and Jake from Craig's VW as they take the stage to impart some VW wisdom on all of us. Then find your way into Hula's event space "The Reef" to catch the evening's line up of curated surf films from our friends at WND&WVS.

Sunday, Oct 17th

Movin' On

You don't have to go home, but we're afraid we need to draw things to an end. Time to pack up and move onto your next van adventure. See you next time.

Overnight camping fee is $25/night. You can settle up at the front desk of the Surf Club prior to check out. Outdoor showers and bathrooms will be available for your use on site. Admission to all activities during the day is free. Tickets to the surf movie night are available at the door for a modest donation.

The Venue

WND&WVS and Westies is a grassroots event offering a chance for like minded Westfalia enthusiasts and surfers alike to gather on gorgeous Lake Champlain and immerse themselves in the ever growing vanlife/surf community. It's a great chance for van lifers and or water enthusiasts to meet new friends, get tips and be inspired.

Saturday night WND&WVS will be hosting a Film and arts festival inside of Hula. Everyone is welcome for a night of music, featuring the High Breaks, local food and surf movies created right here in New England. The focus of a handful of these projects will be on sustainable surf crafts with QA from the directors and board builders themselves.

Let's hang out, make friends and be inspired together.

Contact Us

For more info & questions, or if you just want to get incrediby stoked for the event, you can reach the crew at WND&WVS here:

(802) 540-2529  or  shop@wndnwvs.com